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TV 2 Marketing

A gathering point for TV2's creative efforts

TV 2 Denmark

Tailormade website

TV 2 Marketing is one of Denmark's strongest creative departments, which came to us to develop a gathering place for all their trailers, design manuals and house campaigns.

Staging of TV2's brands across all platforms

The purpose of the website is to create greater awareness of the TV 2 Marketing department and the work of their over 70 employees within, among other things, branding, design and production. The site provides i.a. possibility to download design guides and assets for each of their channel brands.

Interactivity and microinteractions

TV 2 requested a playful interface that gave space for exploration and discovery. That's why we worked with take-over of the well-known cursor. A breach of the conventions, but done right it has highlighted an exploratory phase in the user which promotes it playful expression that TV 2 was aiming for.

Tailored web experience

We developed a responsive site with consideration for the user, which creates a flow with fluid and contextual transitions between the different pages without them losing the overview.

Visually it looks simple, but technically there are a number of concrete optimizations that remove layers between the animated transitions and thereby ensure compatibility across all screen sizes and browsers.

"It was very important to us that the web solution was absolutely top class, both in terms of expression and interaction. It was therefore natural to leave Milk in charge of the technical execution. Milk had to collaborate with a design agency, and their open approach to agency collaboration meant that the solution ended up meeting our high expectations – without friction.”

Christian Andersen
Design & Development Lead, TV 2 Kommunikation og Marketing
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