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Our services

Advanced web technology and refined design aesthetics

Our approach is based on a cocktail of equal parts professional drive, best-practice principles and solid been-there-done-that experience.

Brand design

A visual identity is your opportunity to express yourself through colors, fonts, graphic elements and of course a logo. It is the external face of your company, and thus a crucial element when it comes to being able to differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Today, it is a necessity to have an online presence in order to reach widely. But it is often also a cheaper way to reach your customers and can ensure a high degree of familiarity with the right brand and the right website.

Motion Graphics

Complicated messages and heavy texts are a thing of the past. With moving graphics, you can promote your message and explain complex concepts and processes simply, easily and ediblely.

Apps and platforms

Digital platforms, tools and modern web apps — everything falls under the same umbrella. And we can help with it all. We advise you on how you can jump on the process wave to optimize your business through digital processes.

How we do things

Insight-driven strategy
Brand identity
UX prototype and design
Web development
Test, content, launch
Follow-up and review
Insight-driven strategy
We take strategy seriously, and strive to base all our work on key insights and strategic thinking, both in terms of the current situation, but in particular with regards to where you want to be a year or two from now. Strategy is everything, and usually the first thing we will be asking about, so we know we are setting things up for success.
Brand identity
Visual identity and graphical design is the first your visitors will meet when interacting with your brand and such is a fantastic opportunity to shape how you are perceived. By implementing strong design principles, we aim to lift the perception of your brand. We specialize in design that works seamlessly across devices and platforms, whether they be websites, mobile apps, print, social media or and motion graphics.
UX prototype and design
Central to all our work is the ambition towards the best possible user experience. This can be achieved through design, interaction, develeopment and should always keep the user in focus. UX permiates every step throughout our processes. We work with wireframes, UI flows, information architecture and prototypes in order to achieve the best possible results.
Web development
Our team consists of experienced full stack develops with a keen sense of aestethics and UX. Everything is programmed in-house. Out solutions are typically custom built from the grounds up in order to meet our high technical standards. All our solutions are SEO optimized, well documented and thoroughly tested.
Test, content, launch
Testing is vital to our process. Not just technical testing, but also testing across devices, browsers and most importantly user testing with the target audience. If possible, we prefer testing throughout the process. We typically deploy CMS systems so our clients can control and set up content themselves under our guidance and assistance. When everything is ready, we take care of launch and roll-out process.
Follow-up and review
Post-launch, we always recommend scheduling in one or more follow-up sessions, where we can review the result and audience reaction in relation to any ambitions and goals that may have been defined. We help with setup of tracking so that statistics can be measured so that conclusions can be based on facts.

About us

We are a small agency, which leaves us with several advantages. We can be agile and move quickly, which we certainly prefer. Since we get rid of internal bureaucracy, we can give our undivided attention to you and the current solution.

We take pride in building attractive, engaging and meaningful experiences that deliver results across all media platforms.

We allow ourselves to be a bit picky about the projects we work on, as we commit ourselves deeply to everything we work on, and gladly go the extra distance to ensure the best possible result.

Whether we are developing a complex application or a sharp landing page, the foundation is based on a solid understanding of your brand and objectives, as we always adapt our process to the current project.

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