Milk Studio
We help brands stay on point in the digital era

We are a Copenhagen based Creative digital studio. We work for brands, organisations and occasionally ourselves. But most importantly, we work for fun.


With one foot firmly planted in cutting edge full-stack development and the other planted in visual and motion graphic design, we mainly help by building bridge between the sometimes huge gap residing in no-mans land between design and development.

#milklife — Life in Milk Studio

W00F! We\’re loving our all-dogs-allowed officy policy. Winston approved. #yorkie #milkstudio @wpaix

Dan having a big gulp of his own damn medicine. #milk #gulpitup #healthyboy @dan.daney

We\’re almost there, decorating our office space on Christianshavn.

Anders in the photo studio working with Askov Fonden. #sopretty #milkstudio @andersdahlenborg

The Milk team

William Paix
Creative Technologist
+45 3110 6718
Anders Dahlenborg
Digital director
+45 3023 4551
Dan Bjævertoft
Creative Director
+45 2758 1877
Kasper Siggaard
Lead Developer
+45 2031 8270
Mikkel Grønvold
Backend Developer
+45 2826 8123
Office Dog

Brands we're working with

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