TV 2 Zulu
Breaking out of the hamster wheel

TV 2 Zulu

— Graphic design
— Web development


TV 2 Zulu decided it was high time to help danish viewers live out their big dreams.

We helped launch an inspired and refreshingly irreverent new campaign website showcasing the new identity for the popular television channel.


Trying out new things

Our friends at TV 2 Zulu wanted to try something new. They love those who do things differently, those who allow themselves to follow their particular dreams, whatever they may be.

We helped TV 2 Zulu inspire dreamers with a brand new campaign website encouraging hopeful danes to submit highly personalised applications for the campaign.

Milk Studio
Milk Studio

Campaign website

The website was among the first to show off ZULU’s brand new visual identity, which is everything but boring – and a pure thrill to be able to play around with.

Central to the concept is the idea of a furry hamster trapped in a boring existance, struggling away on its little hamster wheel. A cheeky metaphor for the dullness of everyday existance.

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