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Scoop Models

Tailor-made web solution for leading modeling agency

Scoop Models

Design, website and custom media platform

We helped Scoop Models with the design and development of their new web solution. The project has required research and insight into the industry as well as the agency's internal processes, as the intention has been a top-class user experience - both for new visitors, regular customers and their daily workflow.

800+ models represented in one place

Scoop Models is one of the most recognized agencies in the world, representing more than 800 models — and they are constantly introducing new talent. With more than 50,000 images and videos, we have prepared a strict grid and cut the amount of information down to the bone. This has resulted in a solution that makes it easy and quick to find exactly the models and information that the user needs. The site's many models and functions are user-friendly packaged in a single, left-aligned menu consisting of three overall main menus. Below you will find e.g. the package function, where the user can add the necessary models and images to a combined package for a beautiful portfolio for use in e.g. casting, photoshoots and other collaborations. A function that creates collection and an overview, and which saves the recipient manual work.

Unique web solution with custom back office

Image management and editing can be a time-consuming task that often requires expensive software and knowledge of specific tools and programs. To overcome that problem, we developed a built-in media editor in the back office part of the solution. This makes it easy to crop and image process images directly in the web solution. In this way, we save the agency time and facilitate that even employees without technical skills can carry out the work. The site has been developed from scratch based on the specific needs of Scoop Models and their customers. Alongside the design and development of the site, we have migrated the many models and their many thousands of images and videos from the previous solution. The web solution is designed to be scalable from the start, so there are the best conditions for further ongoing expansions and additions.

Filtering and search function


With a model catalog of over 800 Danish and foreign models, it can be difficult to find what you are looking for. That's why we designed a smart filtering and search function that makes it possible to find specific models with a specific look. Here you can find a model that suits your needs, and compare models with the same characteristics based on gender, hair and eye colour, height and much more.

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