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Poster Collective

Custom-built authoring platform and e-commerce platform

Poster Collective

— Brand design
— UX and web design
— Custom digital platform

Sometimes going big is the way to go. Poster Collective was founded with a wild ambition, which was to build the biggest digital platform in the Poster industry and revolutionize from that position.

We handled everything from brand design, UX, roll-out strategy and we also programmed an absolute behemoth of a platform. Custom from the grounds up.

Disrupting the poster business

Poster Collective differs from other players in the poster market with their unique approach to the processes that lie beyond the creative work. Here, strong and scalable infrastructure can make all the difference when it comes to profit optimization of the chain from design, to versioning, handling of prints, print files, packaging and shipping.

Generated environmental photos with a single click

Taking great environmental photos of hundreds of posters is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of preparation and post editing to look professional. With the photo generator we developed for Poster Collective, multiple versions and variations of unique creations are created that fit into the visual universe. By using custom environment templates, the process of taking great photos could be cut down significantly, saving hundreds of hours of work every month. Once the templates are defined, the generator takes care of creating professional environmental images of all posters. This ensures consistent content throughout the webshop and a quick and easy process of adding new products.

Mix-and-match products

We developed a tailored feature where users on the site can easily and quickly drag and drop posters around and see them on a wall, e.g. their own wall via the mobile camera. We had never seen this feature done properly, so we decided it should work without any compromise to the user experience.

Visual AI Matching

Using the power of AI technology, posters are matched with potential related products. This pushes for more sales and inspires customers to see their potential purchases in new visual contexts.

Intelligent scaling and ratio control

Posters come in different formats, proportions and sizes, and often there was a need to adjust the format or add a new size. Our custom developed engine uses intelligent scaling processes that automatically version posters between different formats, whether it is 1, 5 or 500 posters at a time.

Plenty of moving parts

The concept behind Poster Collective required a tailored and scalable solution that could not be achieved using off-the-shelf e-commerce products. Therefore, we developed a custom platform from which the talented poster designers can create their poster designs and can easily and quickly modify and version content and size variants, as well as print files and so-me environmental images.

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