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Carlsberg Danmark

Salgsplatform der kan mærkes på bundlinjen

Carlsberg Denmark

Work area
Digital development

Carlsberg is a global market leader in quality beer products and a central part of Danish history.

Over a period of time we have helped Carlsberg digitize their various business operations related to sales

A customized platform

Since its founding in 1847, Carlsberg Denmark has been at the forefront of innovation in an organization that is one of the leading breweries in the world.

Together with Carlsberg we developed a solution which required innovation as well. Working closely together we identified their needs and came up with a solution based on a tailor-made digital platform which fits perfectly with the needs of their sales operations.

How we did it

We have been responsible for most parts of the entire process, covering areas such as concept development, UI/UX, graphical and identity design and of course the digital development of the solution.

The project required an agile work process with hands-on involvement from a devoted team of key personnel from Carlsberg Denmark.

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