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Unspoiled jewels

Skræddersyet shop til unikke produkter

Unspoiled Jewels

Strategy and Concept Development, UX and Graphic design & Web Development

The Scandinavian accessory brand Unspoiled Jewles came to us with a complex task of combining a custom experiences with sale – two ingredients that rarely go hand in hand and even fewer succeed in balancing.

We took up the challenge and made a fully custom e-commerce platforme made solely based on the needs of their customers and their products.

It’s easy as one, two, three

We wanted to reflect the brand experience you would get if you were standing with the jewlery in your own hands.
User testing. Few click. Clear overview. Easy acces. Choose between more than 30+ countries and states.

To get it even more personal, we also made it possible to add a diamond in the city you had choosen, and
to get your specific coordinate engraved you had pricked out from the stylish interactive map.

An e-commerce platform for the Danish jewlery brand

We launched their new webshop. It is a highly custom build webshop aiming to create a seamless and effortless user experience, with attention to detail that matches the brand expression. The site is optimised for all platforms, and the core is based on a WordPress/Voo Commerce platform.

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