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Titan Stone

Luxury carved in marble.

Titan Stone
Graphic design & Web development
Titan Stone is one of the leading experts in the field of luxury hotel suites. Marble, serpentine rock, granite and other stunning materials are used to shape these exceptional suites. We did a remake of the entire Titan Stone visual identity, to be used for packaging designs, printed matter, digital platforms and much more. We of course also did a complete new and responsive website, to display the amazing creations.

Elevating elegance

We wanted Titan Stone to be able to showcase their incredible creations in a beautiful and sleek universe. With that in mind we decided to give them different options for displaying their photography, while also navigating smoothly between sites. To make live easier for Titan Stone after handing over the project, we developed the website headlessly with CMS. So after an introduction to the CMS, Titan Stone gained control over the website, allowing them to change photography and text without needing face-to-face guidance from us – useful when there’s an entire ocean between us.


Carving luxury

When working with clients that specializes in their craft and services, it’s important for us to help create a parallel between that skill and the visual identity. For this project we decided to make use of their materials that Titan Stone work with every day as a starting point – marble and granite. So to realize this approach we had to go back in time to find inspiration. Back to the old Greece, where world famous sculptures and architecture built more than 2000 years ago is still standing. So when we started creating the new Titan Stone logo, we took inspiration from a true classic, the ionic column, making sure to respect the curves and math behind the structure.

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