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The art of the great meeting

Bella Center Hospitality Group
Gottlieb & Co.
Meetly is a new online platform for those interested the skillful facilitation of people meeting each other. Together with Gottlieb & Co. we designed a visual universe and developed the digital solution.

Content is still king

With focus on in-depth insights, content and media about everything in the industry from sustainability, tech, gastro, meeting design and much more,
we knew the website would be absolutely packed with quality content. The design of the website is based on this, balancing imagery and text in a
bright and vibrant universe.

All hail the scribe

Typically, a gap resides between the ambitions of the content creator and what is possible in terms of content management control. In order to mitigate this we devoted extra attention to allowing creative layout control for the content creator, using intuitive drag-n-drop layot blocks.
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