Natural playfullness


Identity design & Brand launch

Natruba is a new brand offering chewy toys to small children. The product is based on organic and eco-sustainable natural gum from the ‘Hevea brasiliensis’ rubber tree.

We helped Natruba launch their brand with a crisp new visual identity communicating the values and feelings behind the brand.

It’s all about being playfull.


The best way for children to learn are through healthy play. This is the essence of Natruba’s philosophy, which also reflects on the identity. We have developed a dynamic logo that changes the placement of the letters, to create a link between the logo and the child’s constant search for new things to play and learn.

The logo has been made responsive in order to ensure its visual strength at various sizes. This means that it is scalable and therefore easy to recognize even when allowed very little screen size.

Each logo variant is built around an invisible grid, which creates cohesion and recognition.

Going back

Working on the Natruba identity was a liberating, fun process of connecting back to my inner child again, embracing raw simplicity, which I can now easily see in the naive blob-like shapes that comprise the identity.

— Dan Bjævertoft