The best wardrobe begins with the right basics.


Third Dot

Meu CPH provides you with the best basics for your wardrobe to the most affordable prices.

We helped our creative friends at Third Dot develop a new e-commerce platform for the burgeoning new brand.

The vision

Meu is created with the idea that everyone deserves good quality and comfortable basics everyday wear. Not all quality products should cost a fortune. Therefore, Meu lets you have what you deserve of wardrobe basics for ridiculously good prices. Now you can supply your wardrobe with all your favourite basics.

The craft

The basic collection is designed in Copenhagen and crafted from carefully chosen fabrics for a good quality and fit, by the best qualified and hearted people. Basics that doesn’t lack quality.

Micro-interactions galore

Working with ecommerce in particular, there’s a lot of different interactions in play. Adding to cart, wishlisting, payment solutions. Our focus for the project was to minimize the perceived of these different interactions, so as not to take focus from the clean minimalist design.

— Anders Dahlenborg, Lead developer