Carl Ras

Web app for håndværkerne.

Carl Ras

App development, UI / UX, Graphic design

Carl Ras organizes the biggest craft fair in Denmark every year – and we got to help them out.

We created the app for all the attending craft men and women at the fair. Allowing them to easily access tickets for entry and food, navigate and fully experience the fair.


A tool for everyone

How do you both streamline and customize an experience for more than 10.000 people? Well, Carl Ras had to solve that problem for the biggest craft fair held in Denmark.
So we came up with an app that solved every need the attendants could dream of – an all around tool at your fingertips.

We designed the app with the visual identity of Carl Ras in mind, making sure it was steady and user friendly. With the use of iconography and colors, navigating through the app is easy no matter how tech-savvy you are.

10.233 registered users
Over the days where craft fair took place, more than 10.000 users registered through the app.

24.393 browser sessions
The total amount of time spent in the app was more than 2.000 hours in just 4 days.

130.00 unique site views
That resulted in an average of at least 5 page views for each user session.


Building from scratch

When we started developing the app, we knew from the start that if we wanted total freedom we would have to do it from scratch. So with that in mind, we made a choice to go a different way than usual. Getting the best of both web and application, we decided to build a progressive web application – PWA. This approach allowed Carl Ras to be on all platforms with one single application. This allowed the users to access all the necessary information about the craft fair, through their web browser or install the app directly.

One of the most annoying things at festivals and fairs is the sketchy and slow internet. Choosing to work with a PWA, the app stores the information for later use, making the user experience of the app more snappy and responsive.