Powering a better tomorrow

Brand/concept development, Visual identity & Brand website

Forskel is a new kind of energy provider on the danish electricity market. The idea behind Forskel is to help make the world a better place through helping their customers save on their electricity bills.

Priorities straight

By cutting expenses on swanky office complexes and expensive staff salaries, Forskel is able to provide its customers with savings which are donated to charitable causes around the world. We love the concept!

We set out to design a visual identity that would convey the charitable nature of the company. Focusing on charity, simplicity and sustainability, we helped Forskel creating visual clarity in their communication.

Born digital, mobile first

We also helped design a develop a web platform for the brand, enabling customers to sign up and help improve this old world just a little bit whilst saving on electricity.

Central to the user experience, we made it easy to choose between 15 different carefully selected organisations, enabling customers to support precisely the cause close to their heart.

Too good to be true?

Med et billigt produkt kombineret med et velgørende formål, havde de fleste testpersoner svært ved faktisk at forstå hvordan dette kunne hænge sammen. Forskel havde derfor brug for en explainer der kunne overskueliggøre selve konceptet.

Det blev til en 60 sekunders lang animations video, hvor vi også her har stået for det hele – lige fra idé til eksekvering.