Interactive and engaging video experiences

Flyreel is a video platform, enabling users the full experience of interactive video content

We have created an intuitive way to create shoppable, interactive and e-learning videos through an easy drag-and-drop interface.



Audiences typically spend much longer with an interactive video than the same video without any interactivity.



The vast majority of your audience will lean forward and interact.



Whether your users buy a product, enter a competition or book a meeting, you can be sure they will do more of it.

Have the audience engage with the products and experience them in a new and dynamic way.

By scrolling through a showcase video, the audience will be able to click on the the different products indicated with animated buttons.

A simple click and a modal will pop up on the screen. From here the audience will have the option of reading more in-depth about the chosen item, see available sizes, prices, related items and of course the option of adding it to their shopping cart.

Watch the product interact with the real world in a fast and intuitive way.

Setup new parameters, and change the way the audience can interact with the products. For example, you can let audience chose what color they want their desired product shown in.

Imagination is the only limit.


We raise your video content to a new height so you can enjoy the view.

Slide, drag, drop, zoom and scale and watch how the world can change in a split second. Experience how the seasons change, how movies look during production, or travel through space from the comfort of your own home.

Not convinced yet?

Interactive video ads drive a 47% gain in time spent with a marketing message compared to a non-interactive ad, according to a study from Magna, a media strategy group of ad giant IPG Media Lab. Brands triple their time spent with consumers from 15-second interactive ads when consumers interact with it, according to a press release made available to Mobile Marketer.

Even if viewers don’t click on an online video, the sheer option to interact makes the ad 32% more memorable than non-interactive ads, the study found, driving 9x higher impact on purchase intent. These figures are consistent among gender, age and within industry verticals.