Copenhagen Meetings

Easy direct booking for every occasion

Client Bella
Center Hospitality Group

Gottlieb & Co.

Copenhagen Meetings offers direct booking of quality meeting rooms at Crowne Placa, Marriott Copenhagen or Comwell CCC.

Together with Gottlieb & Co. we designed a visual universe and developed the digital solution.


Sharing innovative ideas

Central to the visual identity, we came up with a logo where three squares are connected and interlinked, symbolising the energy that happens when people meet. As an added bonus, the initials ‘CM’ can be found in the logo if you look closely.


Custom built solution

The degree of flexibility desired called for a custom e-commerce platform coded from scratch. This approach of starting from nothing else but a great idea, allowed us to explore and create a completely custom built site that met the needs and expectations. This allowed us create a simple and linear flow, while also ensuring no technical road-blocks along the way.


Aviated flows

Inspiration for the central UX flow was drawn from airline bookings, offering a direct and linear flow covering search, comparison and order placement.
All unnecessary features have been cut so only the need to have are left, giving the user a fast and trouble free experience.

Wether you’re using a laptop or smartphone, the booking is fast and responsive from the first click till the order is complete.

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